Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i wish..

haha im not really sure what to write here..i guess thats y i dun start any blogs..but a friend told me to write more in this blog..and she will be my "pengkritik tetap"..hohoho..i got my own pengkritik!! awesome.. :D thx for encouraging me, babe..but i dun promise to write here everyday ok..i'll write only when i feel like to do so..hehehe..

nway, i do think this blog will be sumthing good for me in the future..sumthing for me to refresh (hmm..ada ke?) hehehe..i wish! bless me..

wisdom tooth? thx to you..heh

hmm..i'd never thought to make a blog actually.. sume pasal my wisdom tooth laa..
because of it, i have to stay at home for 3days ..~sigh..
i've been mc for one more day, bored!!
n thats how this blog came into my tiny mind..*wink! haha..