Wednesday, March 29, 2006

city of entertainment? u decide! hehe

hmm..last sunday..26th march 2006..
trip to genting highlands..kununnye nak celebrate a few members yang bday this month..
as for me n my twin friends..tade la celebrate ape pun..just a reason nak g sana je..huhuhu..

kitorang amik pakej rm39..which includes :
1) Return Genting Express Bus transfer from Terminal Putra-Gombak or KL Sentral or Pasarakyat
2) Return Genting Skyway transfer
3) Genting Outdoor Theme Park Day Ride Pass or Buffet Lunch at Resort Cafe or Restoran Kampong

as for that day, we took bus from KL Sentral and choose the outdoor ride instead of the buffet lunch..hehe..

Genting - City of Entertainment? yep thats true! we had fun..really..although some of the rides were closed that day because of the rain..but somehow, i got the chance to be on the space shot! which mmg dah lama diidam2kan..heh heh heh..pehhh i tell u..mmg tertinggal laa jantung kat atas tu..berhenti kejap nafas..selama nih asyik tak dapat je nak naik sbb masa pegi dulu belum siap..then datang lg, under maintenance aritu, mmg kene naik walau ape pun halangan yang datang..huhuhu....lps tu haa...baru rasa tobat nak naik lg..hahaha..almost all the rides laa naik..even yang for kids pun, kitorang belasah..alang2 dah sampai, n masa pun byk, so kitorang try laa every single thing yang ada..flying coaster tu pun naik gak..and termasuklaa space adventure yang tak adventure langsung..hehe..except for roller coaster corkscrew tu je tak dapat naik sbb ujan :((

tak cukup dgn outdoor, indoor (rm24) pun blasah gak..naik bumper car brape kali..motion master..roller coaster..hmm..tu pun sbb ujan laa..kalau tak, tak main indoor kot..

all above all, mmg puas ati laa..mmg letih! hehehe..

Friday, March 17, 2006

suku abad already?? how time flies..heheh

yesterday was my 25th..i should write in here on that special day..but then..i was just so busy with replying sms-es, emails, wishes in frensters..hehe..o ya, not to forget, entertaining calls from frens and luv ones..hmm..what a busy day, i tell ya.. :)

all the thoughts were very much appreciated..i was touched, really!
eventhough some of them are unknown senders..
thanx again all..i think this time was the most thoughtful bday i've ever had..

i wish all my dreams will come true..
bless me.. :)