Sunday, June 11, 2006

boredom.. has been a while..just being bz..especially for the last 2 months..~sigh..there were so many things that need to be done..since i have to take over my colleagues tasks..ape laa..the job which i know mmg tgh kritikal, but then theres no one else left to finish it..pity me..dah laa kene learn everything, every flow of the system in a very minimal time..then ada plak a few problems here and there..really made me feel so down..up to one point, i felt like quitting..hmm..but syukur alhamdulillah..everything goes fine.. :) thank you Allah..

now my life is getting back to normal..but i couldnt hide there is always flaw in it :/
"laa ilaa ha illa antaa subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimin.." Ya Allah, permudahkan laa segala urusanku..amiin..

oh ya..theres sumthing i wanna share..

-Whitney Houston-

I know it's been some time
But there's something on my mind
You see, I haven't been the same
Since that cold November day...
We said we needed space
But all we found was an empty place
And the only thing I learned
Is that I need you desperately...

So here I am
And can you please tell me... oh

Where do broken hearts go
Can they find their way home
Back to the open arms
Of a love that's waiting there
And if somebody loves you
Won't they always love you
I look in your eyes
And I know that you still care, for me

I've been around enough to know
That dreams don't turn to gold
And that there is no easy way
No you just can't run away...
And what we have is so much more
Than we ever had before
And no matter how I try
You're always on my mind


And now that I am here with you
I'll never let you go
I look into your eyes
And now I know, now I know...

its just a lyric..tade kene mengena dgn yang idup or yang koma ye.. ;)
it just was one of my fav..tapi terlupa..
then when dayang sang this song in One In A Million contest, baru laa teringat balik..thx dayang! :)