Saturday, February 10, 2007

cuti2 malaysia? not! haha..

dlm blog yang lepas dah cite pasal nak cite pasal Bandung plak.. huhu
went there for 4days, 3nights (31/01/2007 - 03/02/2007)..stayed at Apartment Grand Setiabudi, Bandung..there were six of us (me, chucky, atun, ana, julie and her fiance, rizal)

frankly speaking, we had no plan at all of going to Bandung at the first since Julie gets cheaper tickets (Air Asia), we give it a second plak lg, we heard that Bandung is like a heaven for a me! hehehehe..there were quite a number of factory outlet that u could check out..kalau kat malaysia, mcm F.O.S kat sana, lg byk shoplots macam tu, where u can get a cheaper price..tinggal u have enuf money ke tak je nak shopping..hahha..from shirts, handbags, shoes in the factory outlets...up to blouse, tudung, kebaya, telekung in the Pasar Baru (where u can bargain up for a very cheap price!)..its not shop till u drop..but it is more like "shop till u broke" hahahha..mmg broke abis!

for places of interests, we did go to Gunung Tangkuban Parahu (kawah gunung berapi) and Sari Ater (kolam air panas)..but the sad thing is, we didnt buy any souveniors from those places..sbb bapak yang jd tourist guider kitorang (Pak Cicil) tu dah warning, dont buy anything yet, sbb he can guide us to a cheaper souveniors..lastly, tmpt yg he mentioned tu, tutup since that day was a weekday..they are only open for weekends, i guess..sbb ramai tourists datang...its too bad! we did search for souveniors in the Pasar Baru..there were no souveniors at all..and we ended up buying keychains (sold in a bundle packet)..which dah berkarat pun (tak perasan pun masa beli tuuu :( )..tahlaa..taktau sanggup ke tak, nak bg kat officemates...huhuhu
for foods plak, we tried some local delicacies..
1) sate kelinci - its sate arnab :D.
2) pisang keju - delicious! (pisang dibakar, then serves with susu pekat manis and sliced cheese ditaburkan on top of the pisang)
3) jagung bakar - its not like the one we have in Msia..diorang punye lg sedap sbb tambah their own secret sambal..
4) ayam goreng suharty - very crunchy..even u can crunch the fried chicken up to the bones..

above all, mmg best..only regrets on souveniors.. tsk tsk..

more pics: Bandung