Saturday, December 10, 2005 away pls... :(

ive been moving to a new workplace..kat plaza sentral, klsentral tu..(believe it or not, this is my 3rd workplace since i joined the 2years time..heheh..terer tak??) baru je started 4days ago...and now i got flu!!! sbb mmg sejuk dlm opis tu..freezing!! kalau sejuk sket lg, air minum pun bleh jd ais :(

arrghh..hate this..dah laa im one of a kind yang susah nak tido..dapat plak lg flu, lagi laa susah...hmmm...jd panda lagi plak ada benda2 yang membuatkan i feel like not so comfortable working in that place..langsung demotivated!! arrgh...ape tension2 sgt nih... ~sigh..ya Allah...permudahkanlaa segala urusanku..tenang2kan hati nih...aminn..

Monday, December 05, 2005

family day - nicely organized! :)

01/12/2005 - 04/12/2005 : our 8th family day at Langkawi..hmm..very very exhausted!! ~sigh..

pegi mlm khamis..we left at bout 'bas pekerja perodua'..hehehe..
sampai kat jeti kuala perlis bout 5.30am in the morning..after byk kali stops..kalau tak stop, i think dlm 4am dah bleh sampai..sbb driver tuh mmg maintain 110km/h..pehh..melambung gak laa rasa duduk kat seat blkg..huhuhu...

kat langkawi plak, stay kat kondo istana.. the same kondo we stayed in bout 7years ago..and for the same purpose - family day.. :)
i would say, there are quite a lot of changes had been done..but there are still a number of shops still standing where it used to be..hehe..gud business huh..

aiseh..later laa sambung..mata dah ngantuk..