Monday, December 01, 2008


i nearly lose a hp today..
sbb tah cemana..
misplaced, tercicir dlm toilet..
this never happened before..


maybe im thinking too much..
so i tend to forget some of them..
or maybe no space left for other things..

i do hope for a light at the end of the tunnel..


@tune® said...

hey strong ye..miss u

:: iera :: said...

mish u too..

chucky said...

oooo,rilex,bace bismillah pastu,buat la pape yang patut(aku rase mcm x membantu je)

yanailyana said...

bebe... be strong.. aku ada jer di simpang sg buaya in case u need me :P

bob@shahril said...

ira...sorry to hear about the news..

aida also went to D&C the same day u did..ehehehe..

:: iera :: said...

caki: thx for the advise :)

yana: ok dear, tgu kat riverside ye.. :P

bob: ya allah, ye ke..tak sangka happen to be in the same boat..sorry to hear that too..

reality hurts but hv to bear..sama² laa kite bersaba ye..