Wednesday, December 26, 2007

still standing..proudly!

23rd dec 2007..
another TTG got engaged..

what is TTG?
left it to u guys to figure it out.. heheh..
1) it was the name of our clan back in primary school.. (aku sendiri lupe cemane that name came into the picture..hahaha)
2) there are 10 of us.. ;)

years come and go..
time flies so fast kan!
sedar² "hah? dah ujung tahun??"

bile tgk² balik..
1 has 2 kids
1 has 1 kid..
1 with no kid..
1 is expecting..
1 recently got married..
and 1 just engaged 3days ago..

another 4 to go..
and obviously i am in that left-over-4!! hahahaha...

to Sara, congrats!
u sangat cantek laa with that black outfit! (jarang kan org pakai itam utk tunang or kawen..but u looked gorgeous-lah!)
looking fwd to ur "big day" this coming june! :)


jay said...

haah.she veli gojes la.
but u look blue??soon to kam??
mu gez TTG is = ten terer gurl?

:: iera :: said...

yep..stewardess she is! mestila gojes kan..huhuhu..

ur gez tu hampir kene laa..hahahaha..

takpe..takpe..sile cuba lagi :P

ann said...

baju cam kenal..kekekekek...

ilyana said...

hehehe its not dat difficult 2 guess though.aaahhhhaaaakkkk....

:: iera :: said...

ann: sssyyhh! diam²! hahahaha..

ilyana: ngade! mmglaaa..sah²laa ko one of us..hahaha :P

Hana said...

ecece..lepas ni nko recycle balik posting ni..cume tuko gambor je...hehehehe..

bob@shahril said...

aaaa..bile lg...when is your turn next? ngeh ngeh ngeh..;)

:: iera :: said...

ana: wahhh..kemain lagi ko ye..
takpe..tgu laa when ur time comes! :P

bob: hihihi..tatkale komen ini ditulis, im already one! :)